Friendly Customer Service!
Our Customer Service is our specialty! We love to show our customers that we do not try to sell them, but we listen and truly try to help them. Check out our Happy Customer Testimonials to see what other families/businesses think of us in your area. They also searched around other companies before making a decision. It’s one of the most important decisions you will make, please do your research. That’s all we ask, we know how important it can be in the future. We are always here to help…

Over 100+ Years Combined Experience!!
Each one of our technicians and consultants have over 10 years experience. It feels good to know that each install or service we tackle always gets completed and fixed properly. We have a ton of technical experience, and most of any issues that come up are easily done over the phone.

100% Money Back Guarantee!
We don’t know of any company that is so confident in their services that they will give a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! We dare you to ask around, if we are not doing our job, feel free to cancel at any time!

Mission Statement

Golden Gates Security helps advance the protection of people’s lives, homes, and businesses by installing/activating Automation Alarm Systems which provide remote access and fast response  monitoring 24/7 services with the Police, Fire, and Medical departments.

Our biggest part of our success is helping with our hearts and showing our friends/customers that we really do care, and will take as much time needed to help design a system catered to fit their needs.

Our vision is assisting endless amount customers nationwide to feel proud to have chosen Golden Gates Security in their home or business and for them to know we are always here to help service them anytime they need us.

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