Z-Wave-Thermostat_400 Control you Thermostat from your Smart Phone or Website. Watch short Video on Thermostats. Click video to watch..  Learn More>>





 Temperature Sensors

With our new wireless Temperature Sensors, it delivers precision comfort to the rooms where you spend your time, not just where the thermostat happens to be. Here’s what to do… Learn More>>






light-bulb-2_400Z-Wave Light Bulb


Replace your traditional light bulb with the Z-Wave bulb, and pair it with your Golden Interactive System. Once paired, you will now have remote access to turn On or Off that particular light bulb from anywhere in the World by using your smart phone, or your website.  Learn More>>







Replace your existing receptacle and be able to turn on or off whatever you connect to it. Example, crock pots, radio, TV, Lamp, etc.  Learn More>>










Unlock or Lock a deadbolt from your smart phone or website.  Learn More>>








Garage Door Opener

Open your overhead Garage Door from your smartphone or website from anywhere in the world. You must have WiFi in your home in order for device to communicate. Watch this short video to see how it works.  Learn More>>






  Video Door Bell Cameras

With so much activity around your front door, it requires smarter home security technology to keep it secure but also convenient to access. Now, gives you even more awareness and control of front door activity with the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. Learn More>>



Motion Detector
Motion detectors simply detect motion, and report it back to your alarm system, which then sends a signal to the central station for them to call you and notify you or dispatch police if needed. Motions are mostly used when nobody is in the home, so if anyone walks by where the motion is located, you will get notified.  Learn More >>







 Glass Break

All homes have at least the door or window contacts, and maybe a few motions thought the location, but if you really want added security, Glass Break Detectors is the way to go. Most of our customers now are choosing to add glass breaks throughout their home.  How Glass Breaks Work?  Glass Breaks listen for the specific sound frequency that is generated by breaking glass.  Learn More>>





Door Bell SensorDoor-Bell-Sensor
If you are out of town or just at work and nobody is at home, you can now get notified every time someone rings your door bell.
Some customers have packages shipped to their home, and most of the time they arrive during the day when no one is there. Burglars sometimes drive around neighborhoods looking for a quick package to steal from the front door. Learn More>>






Garage Tilt Sensor…
Know if your garage door is left open or closed.
Receive automatic notification when your garage door is opened with the Garage Door Tilt Sensor. This tilt sensor alerts you through your security system if tilted at approximately 45 degree angle. The sensor is typically mounted above eye-level near the top of your garage door. This ensures that the sensor tilts and activates when the garage door is opened only a few inches. Learn More>>





4-Button-Remote-Fob_4004 Button Remote Control Fob

The remote control can easily attach to your key chain or you can place it in a drawer, or anywhere you want. You can arm the system in both modes Stay or Away, it can disarm your system, and most importantly it has panic button feature to dispatch either the Police department or Ambulance!  Learn More>>







Water Sensor

Flood-Sensor This sensor can be placed anywhere you want to detect leakage. Most people purchase this contact for their water heater. If they are out of town or just work and there is a leak, this sensor will immediately send a signal to your cell phone and the monitoring station will start calling you shortly after. Having this sensor can save you lots of $$ for unexpected water damages in the future.  Learn More>>






Shock-Sensor_400Wireless Shock Sensor

Shock-Sensor_400 This is a great device to install in a location that you want to detect vibration. For example, we have customers that have large windows in their master bathroom that do not lift open. It is good to place a shock sensor on their so if your system is armed, and an intruder tries to either break or hit the window, the shock sensor will instantly report to the panel and your alarm siren will sound and send the signal to the monitoring center so they can notify you or dispatch the police if needed.  Learn More>>







Panic Button Remote

This Panic Button was designed to transmit an emergency signal from any of the following 3 stations you choose ” MEDICAL / POLICE / FIRE ” from any location within the range of the Alarm System. Signals from the button will be transmitted whether the system is armed or not!  Learn More>>






Wireless-Siren-with-Strobe-LightWireless Siren with Strobe Light

This device can be placed anywhere you have a power source. You can place it in the attic, master bedroom, upstairs, or even in the garage. This is just an added siren to blast louder in different areas of the home, as well as light up with bright flashing lights!  Learn More>>








Fire-Fighter-Sensor_400Fire Fighter
(an alternative solution for smoke detectors)

Fire-Fighter-Sensor_400 There is a new sensor that just came out, it’s called “FIRE FIGHTER” this sensor Does Not detect smoke, but this small wireless devise is placed next to your existing UL smoke detectors within your home. Learn More>>






Carbon Monoxide Detector
With appliances and heating systems throughout your home, carbon monoxide leaks can happen at any time. It’s important to protect yourself and your family with a Carbon Monoxide detector. If this device detects any Carbon Monoxide, it will immediately report to the monitoring center and they can call your local fire department or ambulance if needed. Learn More>>







7 Inch NEW touchscreen – larger screen allows for larger buttons and controls; easier to see and use, and smoother look!









2nd Mini Touchscreen

2nd-Mini-Touchscreen_400 If you wanted to have a second keypad in a different location like your master bedroom, garage door, back door, or even upstairs, this is the perfect way to do so. It’s smaller than the original color touchscreen, and you can do the same features as the original touch screen.  Learn More>>






Appliance Module
Plug in the appliance module anywhere you have an outlet to plug into, and now you can control whatever you plug into the device and control it from your phone. You can plug a lamp into the appliance module and turn the lamp on or off, or set schedules to turn on and off at certain times of the week or day. You can also set rules if you have the appliance module hooked up to the Golden Gates Interactive System.  Learn More>>

Happy Customers

Curiel Family

IMG952110 (2)It is with great delight that I highly recommend Golden Gates security system . As soon as we met Gabriel more than three years ago we knew we were dealing with an honest man who truly cared for our safety . I’d personally have to say I feel 100% trusting in Gabriel and partial because Gabriel and I both share a great thing in Common . We are both cancer survivors . There’s something g real special about a person who overcomes such challenges and puts forth an effort to offer a reliable , honest service for families . In life , we cannot avoid all circumstances , but we can be proactive in certain aspects . Home safety is one of them . If you trust your home safety with golden gates you will not only get a provider , but also a friend who will check on your family’s well being . On behalf of the Curiel Family we have we give Gabriel and golden gate 2 thumbs up .



Svendsen Family
ggsecWe have been using Golden Gates Security for almost 2 years and we are thrilled with their service. We were looking for a security company that did not hold us to a contract and Golden Gates was that company. Not only did they offer no contract no hassle, but Gabriel has been the nicest person to deal with. He was patient with all our questions, he is very knowledgeable of the products and services, and his customer service skills are outstanding. Gabriel is always happy to answer any questions. He is professional, and prompt in responding to emails, calls or texts. We feel we are in good hands with Golden Gates Security and would highly recommend their service.