Garage Tilt Sensor…
Garage-Tilt-Sensor_400Know if your garage door is left open or closed.
Receive automatic notification when your garage door is opened with the Garage Door Tilt Sensor. This tilt sensor alerts you through your security system if tilted at approximately 45 degree angle. The sensor is typically mounted above eye-level near the top of your garage door. This ensures that the sensor tilts and activates when the garage door is opened only a few inches. Mounting screws or double-sided tape are included for installation.
The tilt sensor can operate as an “exit/entry zone” sensor or a “perimeter zone” sensor. For example, if you want your alarm system to trigger as soon as the garage door opens it can, or you can put a 45 second delay so you open the garage door, you have a time to disarm your system. 



If you have our Golden Gates Connect Interactive System and your device detects your garage door opening, you can choose to get an instant alert via text message to your cell phone or to all of your family’s cell phone’s if you wanted to.  If you wanted to add a rule to your system if the garage door is left open for more than 1 minute or more you can do so, so you are reminded to close it. You can also get alerts if someone tampers with the device or if the sensors battery is going low. You will always know that this device is in working condition. Now that’s Peace of Mind!