Glass Breaks




All homes have at least the door or window contacts, and maybe a few motions thought the location, but if you really want added security, Glass Break Detectors is the way to go. Most of our customers now are choosing to add glass breaks throughout their home.

How Glass Breaks Work?

Glass Breaks listen for the specific sound frequency that is generated by breaking glass. The great thing about Glass Breaks is that they are always active and working as long as you have your system armed. You can also be in your home and arm the system and your glass break sensors will work!




So if you are taking a nap, and a burglar breaks a window where the glass break is located, your alarm system’s siren will immediately go off and send the signal to the monitoring center so they can dispatch police if needed. Glass Breaks help provide you with more peace of mind day or night.  Also an effective way to save when protecting a group of windows in one room. For example, lets say your living room has 10 windows all within a 15 foot range, all you need is 1 Glass Break to detect all those windows! Pretty awesome huh!

Where Do You Put Them?

Clustered window areas like sun rooms and kitchens; living rooms; bedrooms; are a good places to put them. Also sliding glass doors, just in case the intruder breaks through the glass door. One place for sure that we recommend placing a glass break is by the master bathroom window, we have more and more customers get broken into through their. Lastly, its best to place glass breaks where vulnerable spots are where the motion sensors will not be active in the Stay alarm mode when someone is at the location. Bad guys do break glass, often to reach in, and unlock a window, but it’s much more efficient to use a single glass break sensor than placing a window sensor on every window in a room. Just make sure you lock your windows!

If you have our Golden Gates Connect Interactive System and your device detects breaking glass, you can choose to get an instant alert via text message to your cell phone or to all of your family’s cell phone’s if you wanted to. You can also get alerts if someone tampers with the device or if the sensors battery is going low. You will always know that this device is in working condition. Now that’s Peace of Mind!