Motion Detectors

Motion detectors simply detect motion, and report it back to your alarm system, which then sends a signal to the central station for them to call you and notify you or dispatch police if needed. Motions are mostly used when nobody is in the home, so if anyone walks by where the motion is located, you will get notified.

There is lots of technology built into these motion detectors. Motions look for objects warmer than the normal background temperature, using a special lens to create “beams” of passive energy, and they also look for motion: when the sensor detects a “warm” object in motion across several infrared beams within a specified time frame – that’ what trips the alarm.

Motions are “pet-friendly” usually right at about 35 lbs. and over, which means they “ignore” cats and small dogs, unless your cat or dog is acrobatic! That means that large dogs that run throughout the house all day make it difficult to use motions, unless you are on vacation and someone takes care of your pets while you are gone.

You should usually place motions throughout the home for added security. Motions can detect motion from an average range of 25-30 feet. It’s best to place motion detectors in high traffic areas like living rooms, front area of the home, hallways, and master bedrooms for sure. We have had many people call in needing an alarm system because they got broken into, and most of them said the burglars went to the master to try and find the small expensive things like jewelry located in the master bedroom or closet. You might also want to place motions in a game room or anywhere you think a burglar might want to steal something or eventually pass by. DO NOT put motions by any HEAT SOURCES, stove, fireplace, and avoid pointing at windows with direct sunlight or in an environment that gets so hot that the sensor can’t tell an intruder from the ambient temperature like a garage for example.

If you have our Golden Gates Connect Interactive System and your device detects any movement, you can choose to get an instant alert via text message to your cell phone or to all of your family’s cell phone’s if you wanted to. You can also get alerts if someone tampers with the device or if the sensors battery is going low. You will always know that this device is in working condition. Now that’s Peace of Mind!