Panic Button Remote

Panic-ButtonThis Panic Button was designed to transmit an emergency signal from any of the following 3 stations you choose ” MEDICAL / POLICE / FIRE ” from any location within the range of the Alarm System. Signals from the button will be transmitted whether the system is armed or not!

The button is small and lightweight enough to be placed in a shirt pocket or tucked away inside a purse. It can also be used with the supplied wristband, lanyard, car-visor clip, or belt clip. It can also be permanently mounted to a convenient location as well.

To activate, press and hold the button for approximately 2 seconds. The LED located on the top of the unit will light up for approximately 2 second to confirm a signal has been sent. For added security, its best to have at least 1 Panic Remote for the whole family in a special location everyone knows about, so if someone broke into your home while you are there and the system is off, a family member can run to the secret location to press the panic to dispatch police ASAP! You should also have one if one of your family has limited mobility.


If he or she falls, they can have the panic remote with them around their neck or watch so they can press the button and have the ambulance get dispatched. It could possibly save a life.

If you have our Golden Gates Connect Interactive System and someone presses the panic button, you can choose to get an instant alert via text message to your cell phone or to all of your family’s cell phone’s if you wanted to. You can also get alerts if the sensors battery is going low. You will always know that this device is in working condition. Now that’s Peace of Mind!