2nd Mini Touchscreen

2nd-Mini-Touchscreen_400If you wanted to have a second keypad in a different location like your master bedroom, garage door, back door, or even upstairs, this is the perfect way to do so. It’s smaller than the original color touchscreen, and you can do the same features as the original touch screen. You can Arm/Disarm your system or see if you left a door or window open. This touch screen also has the capability to speak to you and let you know instantly when a door opens, “FRONT DOOR OPEN; BACK DOOR OPEN; LIVING ROOM WINDOW OPEN, ETC”. You can choose to mount the keypad on the wall or place on a stand.

If you have any of our Home Automation Devices, you can also access them and control them from this keypad as well.

This keypad has a 4.3′ LCD touch screen, an you can add up to four secondary touchscreen keypads per system!