Wireless Shock Sensor

Shock-Sensor_400This is a great device to install in a location that you want to detect vibration. For example, we have customers that have large windows in their master bathroom that do not lift open. It is good to place a shock sensor on their so if your system is armed, and an intruder tries to either break or hit the window, the shock sensor will instantly report to the panel and your alarm siren will sound and send the signal to the monitoring center so they can notify you or dispatch the police if needed.


You can put this sensor pretty much anywhere you would like to detect vibration, and you can also control the sensitivity level as well. Some customers even attached it to their safe, so if someone is trying to pry it open or hits it, the alarm system will trigger! This devise is becoming more popular to use as burglars are getting smarter.

If you have our Golden Gates Connect Interactive System and your device detects any vibration, you can choose to get an instant alert via text message to your cell phone or to all of your family’s cell phone’s if you wanted to. You can also get alerts if someone tampers with the device or if the sensors battery is going low. You will always know that this device is in working condition. Now that’s Peace of Mind!