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Sitar Family

Customer since 2016

Chad & Jane / Royce & Rowen

I cannot recommend Golden Gates enough. Simply put, this is what it is like to be part of a family and not just another paying customer. The family at Golden Gates are amazing. They talk to you, instead of at you. Gabe and Al were phenomenal and really walk you through everything. We left a big box company a few years back and have not had 1 single issue or concern. Golden Gates gets to know you and your family. We have just moved to a new city and my 4 & 2 year old sons keeps asking about Gabe and his family as well as Al and his family. We were fortunate to live across the street from Gabe and our families have grown up together over the last few years. What started as a switch in Alarm companies has grown into an excellent friendship. We will figure out a way to stay a customer even though we are now in a completely different city. Tech is tech and everyone has it. What Golden Gates has that the others do not is truly your best intentions in mind. For that alone you need to pick the phone, cancel your contract, and join the team!!

Armando CurielCuriel Family 

Customer since 2013

It is with great delight that I highly recommend Golden Gates security system . As soon as we met Gabriel more than three years ago we knew we were dealing with an honest man who truly cared for our safety . I’d personally have to say I feel 100% trusting in Gabriel and partial because Gabriel and I both share a great thing in Common . We are both cancer survivors . There’s something g real special about a person who overcomes such challenges and puts forth an effort to offer a reliable , honest service for families . In life , we cannot avoid all circumstances , but we can be proactive in certain aspects . Home safety is one of them . If you trust your home safety with golden gates you will not only get a provider , but also a friend who will check on your family’s well being . On behalf of the Curiel Family we have we give Gabriel and Golden Gates Team 2 thumbs up!



Bryan & Amanda Anderson (Richmond TX.)

Customer since 2016

Golden Gates,
You’ve given us nothing but amazing service from day one! My wife and I have loved the connected home aspect of the security and your attentiveness when we have questions. We also enjoy the notifications we receive when the other arrives home and the simplicity of the system you set us up with. We thank you and look forward to being a customer for many years to come!

Daniel Todd

*Customer since July 4th 2019


Danita Wiltz

customer since 2014

Kendra Moore   
*Customer since 2014* Just upgraded her system*
Alvaro was very professional and respectful. I admire how thorough he was with explaining the new system. He also sent me additional info to my phone regarding the new system. I am Happy to say that I am still pleased with G.G.S!

ryan_sadie (2)

Jennifer Ryan Kirk

Customer since 2015

I’ve tried using Comcast Home Security, which was a nightmare experience. I’ve also been an ADT customer, which wasn’t as nightmarish as Comcast but the service was still subpar. Golden Gates was absolutely night and day compared to our previous security systems. The modern equipment is fantastic. I’ve accidentally set off the glass break sensor and it worked perfectly. The interactive online system and remote tools (remote and cell phone access) are so amazing and convenient. When I set the alarm at night, I feel truly safe and secure. Beyond the physical system and online access, the customer service provided by Gabe was incredible; possibly the best customer service I’ve received anywhere. He is personable and beyond thorough. He answered every question I had and even several that I hadn’t thought of. Anyone in the market for a high quality, modern security system should go to Gabe, hands down. I would recommend Golden Gates and Gabe to ANYONE over anything else out there!

Javier Martinez “Local Police Officer” 

Customer since 2013


I purchased my home security system from Golden Gates Security several years ago and from day one, Gabriel has provided my family and I with outstanding customer service and peace of mind. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the system and the professionalism of the technician Alvaro who came out to do the installation.  Gabriel has recommended a few upgrades over  the years and I have been completely satisfied with his recommendations.

Recently, I decided to have Golden Gates Security install a video camera system at my home.  I can’t say enough about the quality of the cameras and the expertise of the technician who came out to my home to do the install.  The technician went above and beyond to make sure the system was installed correctly and was very patient when he showed me how to operate the system.

Gabriel is a very  genuine person and I highly recommend Golden Gates Security to anyone who is thinking about installing a security  system or video cameras in their home or business.

Thank you Gabriel.

Dottie Haptonstall-drake
Customer since 2014

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Let me start by saying I highly recommend Golden Gates Security. I had an ADT alarm system for many years and they had to check it many times because it was not working correctly. Also they kept increasing my monthly bill. I was ready to move to another company. At the time Gabriel was my neighbor and I started asking him about Golden Gates Security. To make a long story short for many years now I have been a happy customer of Golden Gates Security. They have great customer service and Gabriel is wonderful! He really cares about his customers and wants them to feel secure and happy. Last but not least Al Rodger is fantastic! He is very patient and kind and wants to make you happy.

Mike & Vicky Visconti 

Customer since 2016

These have to be the nicest people in the industry.    Any time we have a question or issue with our alarm or cameras, I text and they answer immediately.  The ease of the app is awesome and if you’re in the market for an alarm system, this is the company to use.   They are prompt and reasonably priced.  I highly recommend them to anyone.
Melissa Jones / Houston Area Pediatric Neurology
Customer Since 2016
Great system, great price, great service!
Liz Johnson
Customer since 2014
testggs (2)
We have loved our security system. Having the notification of which window or door is opened is such a reassuring feeling since we have a child with special needs! One of my fears is that she could open a door that’s been left unlocked accidentally & walk outside without me knowing, but with our alarm system, I don’t have to worry about that anymore!
When we have a babysitter, the added security of having an emergency button available, heaven forbid something happen, is so comforting! When my husband has gone out of town, I feel safer & more secure knowing my alarm system is set & that it’s being monitored 24/7. Even when we are asleep, our family is being protected & watched over.


My name is Susan Ray and I just want to tell you about my wonderful experience with Gabriel and Golden Gates Security Alarm Company.

From the first time I contacted Gabriel, he treated me like a valued customer even before I became one.  He checked in with me before my appointment several times and made sure I knew when he was on his way. When he evaluated my security needs, he was very thorough and offered me several plans to choose from so that I would feel safe.  He listened to my fears and frustrations and was able to overcome every one. When I became a customer, Gabriel had my alarm system installed the same day.  He and his installer stayed until I was home from work and taught me how to use the system and worked with me until 9 pm when he was sure I would be alright.

I live alone and I slept so securely that night and every night since then.  He is so attentive and wants to be sure that I am completely taken care of and have no questions.

I highly recommend Golden Gates Security Alarm Company.  They offer no less than 5 star service. (Customer since 2017)

Svendsen Family
Customer Since 2014
We have been using Golden Gates Security for almost 4 years and we are thrilled with their service. We were looking for a security company that did not hold us to a contract and Golden Gates was that company. Not only did they offer no contract no hassle, but Gabriel has been the nicest person to deal with. He was patient with all our questions, he is very knowledgeable of the products and services, and his customer service skills are outstanding. Gabriel is always happy to answer any questions. He is professional, and prompt in responding to emails, calls or texts. We feel we are in good hands with Golden Gates Security and would highly recommend their service.

Marcela HinojosaMarcela Hinojosa..Gracis a Golden Gates por sus servicios! Fue increíble! Súper profesional! Estoy feliz! (Customer Since 2013)

IMG_4097 (1)
Kim Pool
Customer Since 2013
I have never been more pleased with a security company or consultant than I am with Gabriel Alvarado of Golden Gates Security company. I first spoke with Gabriel in 2012. He was very warm and personable and came across as a very trustworthy person. I signed on with him that day. I have been with him since. He has been extremely dependable and reliable. And he’s not just a consultant, I consider him a friend. Anytime there was an issue, he would personally call to check up and see that everything was fine. We’ve had conversations about our families and he sends Christmas cards every year. When I sold my home in 2014, I called Gabriel to discuss my options for security at our new home. He installed a new system that I am very happy with. With Gabriel and Golden Gates security, I not only feel protected but also cared for. I would recommend Gabriel and Golden Gates to anyone I know. Sincerely, Kim Pool

Heather Bowman

Customer Since 2013

Gabriel makes his customers a priority and has excellent customer service. Whenever I have a question or need support with my security system, Gabriel promptly answers my calls and is always friendly and helpful. When I first researched security systems, I asked around and everyone I spoke to recommended Gabriel with Golden Gates Security Company. I’m so glad they did!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Heather Bowman

Tony Giaquinto, Houston, TX.

Customer Since 2013

I’ve search plenty of companies out there, and Golden Gates has exceeded my expectations…

Tony-Giaquintos-Backyard_1000Hi there….. This is Tony, please use the following as my experience with you guys: About a year ago my home was broken into while my family was home (I was not). Fortunately, no one was hurt. I immediately decided to upgrade my system to the latest technology and began to search for a company to assist me. I interviewed 10 different companies over the past year and invited each, including the incumbent, to quote me for the necessary equipment and labor. To my amazement, NONE of them quoted me!! Apparently, my home had a complex layout that intimidated them and consequently they weren’t interested in my business. Then one day, while returning from the gym, I saw the Golden Gates Security SUV and said to myself “Looks like a professional outfit…..I’ll give them a call”. That same day I met Gabriel an alarm consultant. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character and immediately sized him up as a good family man and someone I could trust. Well, needless to say, I was not disappointed. I got a fair quote the same day I called him…..a first for me! And (while he may not admit it) I suspect my home might have been the toughest

installation he had run into. Nevertheless the installation was flawless and the system performance is superior to others I’ve seen. I couldn’t be happier and Golden Gates Security has my highest endorsement and recommendation!!

Lauren Franek, Tomball, TX.

Customer Since 2013

I can’t imagine being protected by any other company!
Lauren-Franek-Picture_400I have been in the insurance industry for over 9 years. I know how important an alarm system was, but never had one. I kept waiting to feel ok to set money in the budget to set aside for getting an alarm one day… UNTIL…. my best friend called me last year in tears a month before Christmas. Her home was broken into and thousands of dallars worth of suff-STOLEN!! She asked me who I knew that could help her with an alarm system. Gabe had recently visited my office to introduce himself and his company to us. He genuinely seemed different.

She was able to customize everything she wanted that increased her invaded security. She told me how awesome and affordable the whole process was. Gabe delivered EVERYTHING he had promised and then some! It was time for me to feel safe and protected too! I couldn’t afford to not afford it. It could’ve been my house robbed of Christmas gifts and heirlooms and most importanly my own PEACE OF MIND!!!A So, I now am a loyal customer of Golden Gates Security and still refer all of my friends, family and customers to him. He always takes great care of everyone. They love him! He’s never not followed through with something. You can tell that he truly cares about his customers.   He remembers key things and asks about them. I can’t imagine being protected by any other company. I have chosen the best!! Golden Gates Security!

Dale & Diana Seekely

“The Heights”

Diana--Dale-Seekely-PictureI have had companies before and found Golden Gates Security to be the best so far. No plans on changing whatsoever! They call within seconds of alarm being set off (so far luckily just my pets have set it off by mistake)

You should also consider Golden Gates Security for the following:

They are completely professional
They are always there when you need them
They are so confident in their service they provide that they give a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! That’s crazy!
They are recommended by many local realtors
Gabriel the owner of Golden Gates meets all of his customers in person and keeps in contact with us.
I recommend EVERYONE to Golden Gates Security. I FEEL SAFE!!!!!

Victoria & Marcus Robinson, Katy, TX.

“There is a huge sense of security and confort we as a feel as a family with our alarm system and company.!

I also feel that it has a lot to do with the people/philosophy of the company as well!”

Marcus--Victoria-Robinson-Pic-1_800We are a satisfied customer of Golden Gates Security! Five years ago, Gabriel personally came knocking on our door and presented some options regarding our alarm system. At that time our house was just built and we were flooded with different salesman trying to sell us their product but there was something about Gabriel that made us a customer.. We sensed his honesty, integrity, hardworking and most importantly knowledge in the Golden Gates Alarm System. Since the five years, we have called Gabriel to add keyless alarm remotes and without hesitation he immediately did and also upgraded our system!
There is a huge sense of security we as a family feel with our alarm system but I feel that it has to do with the people/philosophy of the company as well. There is definitely a trust factor. We highly recommend Golden Gates to anyone who is considering an Alarm System.

Chris Drumm Cypress, TX.

“I am an Insurance Agent and recommend Golden Gates Security to all of my policyholders who are interested in a home security system, and I get the best possible feedback from each of them every time!”

Christopher-Drumm--Lauren-Franek-Family-Picture_400I personally have my home secured with Golden Gates Security and I am extremely satisfied with the service, pricing and product. I have worked with other security companies in the past and this is a much better experience hands down!! Furthermore, I am an Insurance Agent and recommend “Golden Gates Security” to all of my policyholders who are interested in a home security system and I get the best possible feedback from them every time! I have, literally, never received any negative or even mediocre feedback. Gabe the owner is extremely friendly and knowledgeable with over 10+ years’ experience and offers a variety of home security options from basic packages to extremely advanced security technology. Additionally, he conducts FREE estimates and explains all of the products and pricing with no hidden fees or sneaky surprises.  They also help you customize a perfect security system for your home. Golden Gates Security is an extremely ethical and solid company that keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront. I would recommend this company highly to anyone who is even just considering a security system. Golden Gates Security is the only way to go!!

Chad Gibson, Fulshear,TX. 

“We love the ease and convenience of being able to Arm/Disarm from our cell phones!”

Chad-Gibson-Family-Picture_600Golden Gates Security is the BEST!! We had the pleasure of working with Gabriel, and he answered all of our questions based on his great industry knowledge, and got us into a great security system designed for my family. We love the ease and convenience of being able to Arm/Disarm from our cell phones. I would totally recommend Golden Gates Security to anyone who wants the peace of mind of a superior Home Monitoring Service, and the ease of using a smart phone app when on the road. Thank You Golden Gates!! You Rock!

Sharay & Tinkla Wyatt, Humble, TX

 “Not only is the equipment top notch, but the customer service experience that is provided is off the charts!!”
Sharay-Wyatt-Family-Picture_600I just moved my wife and daughter into a new residence. My job requires me to be away and work very long hours. With that being said I needed to know that while I am away, they are safe and actually feel safe. Golden Gates has been an outstanding product and service for my family.

Not only is the equipment top notch, but the customer service experience that is provided is off the charts!! Since dealing with Golden Gates Security I don’t feel like just another name in a database, you can really see and feel that they care and are genuine about keeping your family safe and secure.

If someone was to ask if I would recommend Golden Gate Security to anyone, I would say 100% whole heartedly YES. Thank you Golden Gates Security~!

Maranda & Mike Fish, Cypress, TX.

“I highly doubt we would get this kind of personal service anywhere else!!”

Maranda--Mike-Fish-Family-PictureOur Allstate Insurance agent gave us Golden Gates Security’s contact information, and they had very good things to say about the team. Security was one of my top priorities after we moved into our new house and after speaking with Gabriel our alarm consultant on the phone the first time and having so many of our questions answered, we felt comfortable moving forward with this company.
Gabriel came along with the installation technician on the day of the install and explained how to operate the system.

They were both very professional and we were pleased that they were both very helpful and patient throughout the process. It was not a rushed job! My husband and I were both comfortable with the home automation system before Gabriel left, and we remain to be very happy with it. The system and the team have definitely made us feel more secure in our own home.

I have had a couple of questions on occasion and have either sent a text or called. I always receive a timely and thorough response from the Golden Gates Team. I highly doubt we would get this kind of personal service anywhere else!! Just this morning I recommended Golden Gates Security to a neighbor already waiting on a security technician to return for some small repairs. I will continue to recommend Gabriel and his Team at Golden Gates Security to all my friends, family and neighbors!!


Beverly Hollyfield Houston, TX.

 “what I like the most about this system is that I don’t feel overwhelmed with it. It’s simple to operate.”

Beverly-Hollyfield-PictureEarlier this year I purchased a new home. The first week I was bombarded with sales people ringing my door bell. They all had a great product and were going to give me this and that for free! Gabriel showed up at my home and briefly told me about his product. I liked him immediately, however, I was too busy that day so I scheduled an appointment with him for a couple of days later. He was not a pushy consultant like the others, he was actually trying to help me. Sure enough, Gabriel showed up at the time and date we had scheduled. He did not just launch into a sales pitch, he just casually talked to me for a few minutes, and then started telling me about his product. I was interested, but I told him that I would have to verify that Golden Gates Security was a legitimate and reputable business before I would allow them to install an alarm in my home.

Gabriel was not the least bit discouraged or pushy. He said he understood and gave me his card and told me that he looked forward to hearing from me.
I did some research on Golden Gates Security and also called them to ask a few questions about their company. I was very pleased with the results. I contacted Gabriel and he came to my home once again and took the time to go over the product once again. I signed the contract that night. Within a couple days the alarm system was installed in my home. The technician was efficient and went back over the operating procedures with me.
The alarm system I purchased is simple, yet effective. I have not had any problems with it at all. I think that what I like the most about this system is that I don’t feel overwhelmed with it. It’s simple to operate. I never considered having an alarm system in my home before, but not that I do, I can see the difference it makes. I feel safe in my home.
I would highly recommend Golden Gates Security to anyone interested in a home security system. Gabriel did not just sell me a product and once I signed the dotted line forget about me, he has been there anytime I need him or have a question. He stays in touch with me and when I see him in my neighborhood he is always quick with a smile and a wave!

Olga & Jesus Vega, Katy, TX.

 “Golden Gates gives you comfort and peace of mind because family safety is their priority”

Olga--Jesus-Vegas-Picture_800We chose golden gates security system because we received their card (along with others) with our new home information. The experience that we have encountered with them has been very professional and family oriented. The alarm consultant was Gabriel the owner, he has a great attitude and was very thorough with his presentation. He helped us select the best alarm system and we are very happy with the system. He stayed late until everything was complete that very same day putting our mind at ease.
My kids and him really hit it off because he got them involved with the installation of the system. During the installation process we found out about his battle with cancer and immediately found common ground due to an uncle that lost his battle July of 2012. Golden Gates gives you comfort and peace of mind because family safety is their priority.

If someone would ask us about choosing Golden Gates security system, we would definitely say “YES”!!! Thank you Golden Gates!!!

Sincerely, Vega Family

John Cutshall, Houston, TX. 

“I chuckled when Gabriel said to call him on his cell phone any time. He said that if I leave a message and he doesn’t call me back within an hour that he will pay my monitoring bill for the next month!
Twice I have called, once before 8am and once after 8pm and both times he called me back within 2 minutes! Man of his word!!”

John-Cutshall-Pic_400Normally I don’t complete any follow up surveys or write testimonials for any company unless there has been exceptional service from start to finish. I can count on one hand the times I have done this throughout my lifetime. Making an exception here as the service I received from Golden Gates Security and Gabriel Alvarado was truly world class!! I chuckled when Gabriel said to call him on his cell phone any time. He said that if I leave a message and he doesn’t call me back within an hour that he will pay my monitoring bill for the next month!

Twice I have called, once before 8am and once after 8pm and both times he called me back within 2 minutes! Man of his word!!   From the start of the sale process to having a finished product, and to the current date with a few questions I had, I am perfectly satisfied with all levels of service and professionalism with Golden Gates Security. Glad I made the choice of selecting GGS!!

Jose Villafana’s Insurance Office Houston, TX.     

“Great Peace of Mind knowing that my State Farm Insurance Office is fully secured!!”


One of the most important things in any business must be customer service. Its knowing someone cares and will guide you through your entire purchase. Gabriel is a kind hearted individual with a high level of integrity. He knows his stuff. I totally recommend Golden Gates Security Company!

Constance Ritter

Just switched over to Golden Gates and couldn’t be happier! Super professional, responsive, efficient and patient with us and all of our questions. I highly recommend this company and look forward to doing business with them for many years.

Yvette Cardenas

vet“Golden Gates Security” is amazing! I was very impressed by your tech Gabriel Alvarado when he came out to my house to get me set up. He went over and above when it came to getting my system set up the way I wanted it to be. He also took the time to make sure everything was working properly before he left. We are very satisfied with the level of care and professional service they are providing. I now feel very safe and secure in my home. I will recommend this company to my family and friends because they treat your house and safety as they would their own family.


Dave & Victoria Massenti

We bought our home a year ago, and the home builder was trying to sale us the security company that came with the homes.  We decided to go with Golden Gates Security instead.  It was the best decision I could have made for the security of my family.  The services (including what you can do over your phone) are un-matched.  After Mr. Alvarado came to meet with me and discus all my family’s security needs, I knew I made the right decision.  Nothing is more important than great service and even better customer service.  Every time I have a question or an issue, I call Mr. Alvarado and he picks up each time ready to help or send over a technician.  The Technician is there when promised and always in a professional matter.  I recommend Golden Gates Security to everyone who is looking for a security company for sure!

Carlina Aliga.. Hello there, My husband and I are very grateful with Golden Gates Security company and our experience has been fantastic especially with their service they provide. It is truly #1. We feel very secure to leave home for a very short time and vacation without any worries feeling good that if anything happens we will get notified asap on text and a call. We feel well taken care of. It was nice meeting you Luis and the Tech, you guys are always recommended!

May God Bless you guys and your families.

Jennifer & Conlin Murdoch… Gabriel Alvarado’s name was given to us by our State Farm representative following a break-in to our home in 2012.

The job required connecting existing wiring throughout our 2 story house. It was carried out in a timely manner, and we were extremely satisfied with all the services we received, including a complete camera system that we can view from our phones.

Gabriel goes out of his way to answer any questions one would have, and is always available to speak with you at any time of day.

I would highly recommend all the services provided by Golden Gates Security. I feel much safer in my home.

Martha Jaimes

Conocemos el servicio de Golden Gates hace 7 anos y la experiencia con ellos ha sido excelente. Cuando tenemos algun problema con la alarma, llamamos a nuestro consultante Luis Gabriel y nos atiende amigablemente, va hasta nuestra casa y soluciona el problema.

Nos sentimos seguros con el servicio y es un servicio de muy buna calidad.

Nosotros se lo recomendariamos a amigos y familia.

Gwendolyn Smith

Gwendolyn Smith

Luis with Golden Gates Security has provided me with excellent service even after 3 years. I got installed in 2014, and I am still very pleased! The company is very professional and assures that the customer is the always their 1st priority!

Golden Gates Security system assures me that I am safe and knowing that these ANGELS are watching over me!

Screenshot (43)

Tiffany & Steve 

Gabriel has been a pleasure to work with in identifying and realizing our home security needs! He is super friendly, courteous, professional, and truly makes customer service a priority. It’s tough to come across a genuinely helpful people in the service industry, however you can tell Gabriel enjoys what he does and it shows in the care and attention he provides to his customers.

Golden Gates Security has great product options, and my husband and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to our friends and neighbors due to the ease of use and functional security features. We feel safe in our home and have peace of mind that our home and belongings are safe even when we are not here.

Thank you Golden Gates and Gabriel for everything you do!

Ashenafi Woldemariam

I am pleased to choose Golden Gates Security Company for my both homes back in 2013. Their product and service quality is outstanding and their price/service beats any security company out there. I feel safer at home than ever. Mr. Gabriel is a knowledgeable alarm consultant who cares about the safety of his customers. He is always available to resolve any technical issues 24/7!

I definitely recommend Golden Gates Security Company to anyone.

Screenshot (45)Craig Adelizzi

I got referred from a close friend who also has Golden Gates. After all these years we have experienced fantastic service all around!! They are all wonderful people with a commitment to providing excellent service. There best interest has always been to protect our family. Out of all the companies we shopped around with, I am so glad we made the decision to go with Golden Gates. I would recommend them to any of my friends and let them know that Golden Gates is a company that prides themselves on their commitment to protect your family, and they follow through with what they say and do it with integrity!

Chandra & Philip Longoria

We have had our home secured with Golden Gates Security for over 5 years now and have been extremely satisfied with the product, price, and especially the customer service! Our home insurance company recommended Gabriel Alvarado from Golden Gates Security with many great things to say about him. After meeting with Gabriel, my husband and I both knew this was a great company to be with. You can tell that Gabriel truly enjoys what he does and shows it in the service he provides to his customers. There is a huge sense of security we feel as a family with Golden Gates Security and we would highly recommend Golden Gates to anyone who is considering an alarm system!

  71293 Jennifer R.

HI, my name is Jennifer, last night my brother’s home was broken into. He is Remodeling the inside so fortunally,   no one was there. One of his neighbors realize that there were strangers and called my brother on his cell phone, But he left his phone a side while spending time with his family. And hour later he returned the missing called, and then was when he was told his home was broken into, Fortunally, nothing was stolen ( materials, tools). I Text Gabriel late at night excusing my self for the time but I was trying to get the earliest appointment. He retuned the call early in the morning and gave me an appointment without hesitating it was for a Holiday, he was concern of the matter.

Finally, we were able to customize everything we wanted that increased our security. Also, for referring my brother he got the referral special and so did I. Now I got to update my alarm system. Customer since three years ago.

Gabriel works promptly and efficient. I highly recommend Golden Gates Security Alarm Company!

Excellent customer service, very attentive and careering.

22282131_10214211348860016_3285190320406105984_n  Constance Latham Ritter


Just switched over to Golden Gates and couldn’t be happier! Super professional, responsive, efficient and patient with us and all of our questions. I highly recommend this company and look forward to doing business with them for many years.

Ernest Jackphotoson, “Pastor” Crockett Texas

Golden Gates Security is a class act. Their customer service is unmatched, and it is a pleasure to experience a company that truly cares about it’s customers. That’s why I continue to promote this outstanding company!!!
Cindy Dane

I appreciate the personal contact I have with the people and how fast their response time is for any situation.


Greg Oberg

They came and installed 7 cameras and a video monitoring system in January 2018, for our campus ministry. Their owner/manager is a real go-getter! He is organized, professional, works his tail off, and brings you high quality gear and service for good prices. His installer agent, Al, worked and worked all day long. He overcame building challenges and software challenges and didn’t leave until the job was done. We are VERY happy with their services, and hope they continue getting more and more clients. They earn every penny, and we recommend them without reservations!

Bob and Suzie Nugent 

We have used Gabriel Alvarado for our security protection since 2010.When Gabriel had newer and better smart systems to offer we immediately switched from our old company to Golden Gates. Now have a state of the art system for less than we were paying for the obsolete one! The technician Al Rodger did an outstanding installation and explanation of how it works.We highly recommend Golden Gates and Gabriel Alvarado for any security needs. He is trustworthy and hardworking for his customers.

Awesome service and a very high level of professionalism. The tech, Alvaro, answered patiently all my questions ( and I had a lot), and was very kind to explain to me every little detail of each and every feature. I highly recommend this company.