The Golden Interactive System

The Latest And Most Advanced Security Alarm And Home Management System In The Industry.

Golden Gates Security    Smart Alarm / Automation System


Residential Camera Monitoring with Alarm System


Business Cameras with Alarm System

alarm system panel
Our Color Touch Screen is the First Easy To Use All-In-One Security And Home Management System.
The Design of the Future Touch screen alarm features wireless technology, a touch screen display and built-in home automation to begin protecting any home or business immediately and fluently. Alarm security and innovation define this security system, but its ability to transform your simple house into a smart home make our Touch screen Wireless Alarm & Home Automation Kit the design of the future.
Alarm Notifications
Get notified via text message or by e-mail every time someone arms or disarms your system. You can customize it with up to 64 different users. For example:

Each house hold member has their own code. If any one of them were to activate or disarm the arm you can get a notification and know whose leaving or arriving at your home. You know now when you kids come home from school and you can remotely activate the system if they forget when they leave. This system gives you a Great Peace of Mind.

Full Voice Response-Quick Access-Convenience-Home Automation devices can be added-Date, Time & Weather Display- Over-The-Air Updates-Crash & Smash Protection and much more!

Check out all our products that you can add to the Golden Interactive System. Locks, Lights, Thermostats, Z-wave devices, etc>>

Have an Existing Alarm System?

No problem, if you have any of the keypads shown below, we will be able to utilize and activate your system for you. ​


Happy Customers

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I have never been more pleased with a security company or consultant than I am with Gabriel Alvarado of Golden Gates Security company. I first spoke with Gabriel in 2012. He was very warm and personable and came across as a very trustworthy person. I signed on with him that day. I have been with him since. He has been extremely dependable and reliable. And he’s not just a consultant, I consider him a friend. Anytime there was an issue, he would personally call to check up and see that everything was fine. We’ve had conversations about our families and he sends Christmas cards every year. When I sold my home in 2014, I called Gabriel to discuss my options for security at our new home. He installed a new system that I am very happy with. With Gabriel and Golden Gates security, I not only feel protected but also cared for. I would recommend Gabriel and Golden Gates to anyone I know. – Kim Pool


Marcus--Victoria-Robinson-Pic-1_800We are a satisfied customer of Golden Gates Security! Five years ago, Gabriel personally came knocking on our door and presented some options regarding our alarm system. At that time our house was just built and we were flooded with different salesman trying to sell us their product but there was something about Gabriel that made us a customer.. We sensed his honesty, integrity, hardworking and most importantly knowledge in the Golden Gates Alarm System. Since the five years, we have called Gabriel to add keyless alarm remotes and without hesitation he immediately did and also upgraded our system!
There is a huge sense of security we as a family feel with our alarm system but I feel that it has to do with the people/philosophy of the company as well. There is definitely a trust factor. We highly recommend Golden Gates to anyone who is considering an Alarm System.  –Victoria & Marcus Robinson, Katy, TX.